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Virginie Drummond MD Discusses Minimally Invasive Surgery

Virginie Drummond MD is skilled in minimally invasive surgery

Virginie Drummond MD is skilled in minimally invasive surgeryVirginie Drummond MD is one of our Austin obgyns who provides the most-current minimally invasive surgery to our patients. During her residency, physicians presented her with a special award and cited her “masterful surgical skills.” Her passion for women’s health led her to a career as an obgyn. She says, “I particularly enjoy performing minimally invasive and robotic surgery to help solve patients’ problems and improve their quality of life.”

Virginie Drummond MD discusses the benefits of minimally invasive surgery

There are several types of minimally invasive surgery, and Virginie Drummond MD is highly trained and skilled in every area. From laparoscopic surgery to robotic surgery, she is experienced and knowledgeable. Patients benefit from these advanced surgical techniques in several ways.

  • Faster recovery
  • Less time in the hospital or surgery center
  • Fewer scars
  • Fewer complications

Dr. Drummond also provides state-of-the-art robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is another area in which Virginie Drummond MD excels. Highly trained and educated, she performs da Vinci® robotic surgery, an advanced type of minimally invasive surgery. Robots do not perform robotic surgery. Instead, Dr. Drummond performs the operation. She is always in control as she sits at a console and operates the robotic arms that hold the surgical instruments during surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery can help women with many different health problems

Virginie Drummond MD utilizes minimally invasive surgery to diagnose and treat several conditions, including endometriosis, ovarian cysts, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain and fibroids. Our Austin obgyns perform many procedures, including hysterectomies, tubal ligation reversals, endometrial ablation and permanent birth control, almost exclusively using minimally invasive techniques.

Diagnosing and treating patients, whether it’s with lifestyle changes, medication or minimally invasive surgery, inspires Virginie Drummond MD. She enjoys bringing her clinical and surgical skills to patients at our Cedar Park office. “Minimally invasive techniques have improved surgery for patients, offering faster recoveries and fewer complications than the traditional, open surgery routinely performed in the past,” notes Dr. Drummond.

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