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Pregnancy After Age 35

A discussion about pregnancy after age 35

With more women postponing childbirth, Miranda McMillin MD, an experienced Cedar Park obgyn, wants women to have information about pregnancy after age 35.

Five facts about pregnancy after age 35

Dr. McMillin would like to share some facts about pregnancy after age 35.

  1. It can be more difficult to get pregnant after age 35. After age 32, a woman’s fertility begins to decrease. A woman over age 35 should see Dr. McMillin if she is not pregnant after having unprotected sex for six months.
  2. Older women are more likely to have a preexisting health condition that can affect pregnancy.
  3. Pregnant women over the age of 35 have a higher risk of pregnancy complications, including pregnancy with multiples and birth defects such as Down syndrome.
  4. Moms-to-be over 35 have a higher risk of developing complications, including premature or low birthweight babies and a higher rate of C-sections.
  5. Women over age 35 can take steps before and during pregnancy to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Women can schedule a preconception planning appointment to get healthy before pregnancy and they can attend regular prenatal appointments during pregnancy.

Pregnancy after age 35 is considered a high-risk pregnancy

Dr. McMillin has the knowledge and experience to treat high-risk pregnancies. Pregnancy after age 35 is high risk, but women can have a successful pregnancy, thanks to extra prenatal care and attention from our Cedar Park obgyn.

If you would like to learn more about prenatal care for high-risk pregnancies, contact us.

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