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Prenatal HIV Testing

Prenatal HIV testing was implemented in January 1996 with the intent of decreasing the chance of unborn babies becoming infected with HIV.

Effective January 1, 2010 Texas law requires that we test all pregnant woman for HIV. The test must take place during the pregnant woman’s first prenatal visit. A second HIV test must be conducted during the third trimester, and upon her admission for deliver, if no record of the third trimester HIV test is available. The law specifies that the woman should be verbally informed of this test and of her right to refuse testing.

If a woman chooses to decline testing, the health care provider is required to review the option of anonymous testing and refer them to a testing facility that offers that type of testing if the woman chooses to do so. We strongly urge you to be tested, as treatment of HIV positive mothers can dramatically reduce the risk of the baby contracting HIV during pregnancy.