Renaissance Women's Group – Austin OBGYN

Prenatal Appointment Schedule

  • 8 weeks – Physical exam, Pap smear, blood work drawn, counseling
  • 12 weeks – Routine obstetrical visit, First screen for Trisomy 21 risk if desired
  • 16 weeks  – Routine obstetrical visit, Quad test for Trisomy 21 risk if desired
  • 20 weeks  – Routine obstetrical visit, ultrasound for fetal anatomy
  • 24 weeks  – Routine obstetrical visit
  • 28 weeks  – Routine obstetrical visit, screening for gestational diabetes and anemia Rhogam injection is given if Rh negative
  • 31 weeks  – Routine obstetrical visit
  • 34 weeks – Routine obstetrical visit
  • 36 weeks  – Routine obstetrical visit, Group B strep screening, HIV Screening
  • Weekly thereafter – Routine obstetrical visit with cervical examinations beginning 35-38 weeks
  • Postpartum visit – 4-6 weeks after birth

Keep in mind that problems or high risk factors may warrant additional visits.

Our nursing staff will contact you with any laboratory results that are abnormal and need attention.  Normal results will be discussed at your next visit.

If you have any concerns or questions at times other than your routine visits, you may talk with one of the nurses in our “phone bank.”  There is over 40 years of obstetrical experience among our nurses!

The RWG Team Approach

As much as possible, we will try to have your visits scheduled with your physician or their NP/PA.  Due to emergencies, deliveries or vacations however, you may need to see one of the other physicians or NPs/PAs in our practice.

Each of our physicians would like to deliver every single one of her patients, and do deliver the majority of their own patients.  However, our doctors cannot remain on-call continuously.   Their families would like to see them also!  So that you will feel comfortable and confident in the physician providing your care, we have carefully built our group with quality physicians who have the highest level of trust in each other.