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Pregnancy Plan

Creating Your Pregnancy Plan

When a woman comes in for an annual obgyn exam, she may mention plans to try to get pregnant. After offering congratulations, your Austin obgyn will take a moment to review the patient’s menstrual calendar, ensuring that she knows her average cycle length; how to monitor the signs for ovulation; and when to have intercourse, during the fertile 48-hour window when pregnancy is most likely to occur.

“I always stress that women who have had children before, and have experienced complications in a previous pregnancy, should come in to formulate a plan for the next pregnancy. Whether it was early onset preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, premature delivery or prenatal demise, we can discuss the best plan for this new medical history event.” Dr. Tara Mills.

Maternal Age and Pregnancy

A woman’s age will determine how proactive she should be when trying to conceive. If she is under 35 and everything is going well, she and her partner can try for a year without too much worry. If a woman is 35 or older, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests coming in for an evaluation if she isn’t pregnant after six months.

“Advanced maternal age is usually at the top of my list to discuss during a preconception appointment,” Dr. Mills adds. “At our obgyn practice, we offer trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome) and other testing options for women planning to get pregnant after their 35th birthday. Paternal age factors in for men over 40, so we will touch upon this as well.”

Once You Become Pregnant …

Your RWG obgyn will discuss dietary restrictions will protect your developing pregnancy. In addition to abstaining from alcohol, a pregnant woman should only consume fully cooked seafood and lunch meat that is steamed to prevent the risk of foodborne bacteria (listeria).

If you have a history of depression, we will offer advice and support for the possibility of developing postpartum depression. For more about pregnancy health, see Dr. Tara Mills’ blog post on preconception checklists.

If you are considering pregnancy and wish to discuss preconception health contact us at the North Austin, Bastrop or Cedar Park office of Renaissance Women’s Group.