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Preconception Planning Appointment

Our preconception planning appointment helps you prepare for pregnancy

If you are planning for pregnancy, you should consider scheduling a preconception planning appointment with our Austin obgyns. This is an important appointment because it provides an opportunity for our physicians to talk with you about preexisting conditions you may have, family history and other issues that may affect not only your pregnancy, but, in some cases, your fertility. This appointment provides a perfect opportunity for you to ask questions.

What can I expect at a preconception planning appointment?

A preconception planning appointment begins with a thorough discussion about your personal medical history and your family history. We also delve into other issues.

  • Preexisting medical conditions
  • Obgyn history, including prior pregnancies and births
  • Past surgeries
  • Diet and a healthy weight
  • Vitamins and folic acid needs
  • Home and work environment
  • Lifestyle choices

If our Austin obgyns determine that you have a family or personal medical history that may put your baby at risk for certain genetic conditions, we may discuss preconception carrier screening and genetic counseling services. During your preconception planning appointment, we will also recommend a physical examination or other tests that may provide important information about your health. We will ensure that you are current on pap smears and tests for HIV and hepatitis, and we will check your immune status for rubella.

How will this appointment benefit me?

A preconception planning appointment is a way for you to nurture your baby while he or she is just a twinkle in your eye. By preparing your body for pregnancy, you are getting your baby off to the very best start. We relish the opportunity to discuss important topics with you and how they benefit your baby.

  • During pregnancy, you need to eat a healthy diet because your baby is depending on you for healthy nutrition. This appointment gives us an opportunity to discuss healthy diet choices.
  • At a preconception planning appointment, we urge you to begin taking 400 micrograms of folic acid daily to ensure that your baby is protected from neural tube defects during the early months of his or her development. We recommend that you begin taking a prenatal vitamin even before you are pregnant to ensure that you are getting the vitamins and nutrients you will need during pregnancy.
  • We suggest that women try to get to their healthiest weight. Being overweight, obese or underweight can pose serious problems during pregnancy and even while trying to get pregnant.
  • We also urge women to bring their partners to the preconception planning appointment so that we can also discuss his family history, as well as yours. Your partner’s family history can also affect your baby.

If you would like to schedule a preconception planning appointment with our Austin obgyns, contact us today.