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OB Estimate of Benefits

The following information should provide answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the cost of prenatal care and delivery.

What should I expect for costs with my prenatal care and delivery?

Renaissance Women’s Group charges each pregnant patient an OB GLOBAL FEE. This OB GLOBAL FEE includes routine/non-complicated prenatal visits, delivery and 1 Postpartum visit and is determined by the type of birth expected.

  • Vaginal delivery
  • Vaginal delivery after cesarean section (VBAC)
  • Cesarean section delivery

*Multiple births and high-risk pregnancies may require extra visits. This will result in additional charges and will be adjusted from these rates.

What is NOT included in the OB GLOBAL FEE but may be covered by my insurance?

  • Initial OB office visit charge
  • Dr. Darby’s services: Ultrasounds, Biophysical Profiles, Genetic testing including: Genetic consultation, CVS, Amniocentesis
  • Fetal Non-Stress Tests
  • Newborn Circumcision
  • Any laboratory tests
  • Medications
  • ER visits**
  • Hospital fees** (North Austin Medical Center 901-1000 & Austin Anesthesiology Group 343-2292)
  • Patients that have a cesarean section may incur additional billing by an independent SURGICAL ASSISTANT

What do I need to do if I am seen in the hospital after hours and/or on the weekends for reasons other than delivery?

These services fall outside of the GLOBAL OB FEES. PLEASE call your insurance for coverage and pre-authorization details.

  • You are required to contact your insurance company for pre-authorization.
  • You may be responsible for charges that are NOT pre-authorized by YOU!

If you file my insurance, what should I expect my “out of pocket” portion to be?

An OB deposit may be required depending on your insurance coverage. This deposit is your co-insurance and deductible. It is your responsibility to pay this by your second pregnancy appointment. If after 8 weeks from your delivery, a payment has not been received from your insurance company, you may be responsible for the remaining balance. You should call your insurance company regarding any unpaid balance.

What should I do if I do not have any insurance for this pregnancy and have to SELF PAY?

You will want to speak with our billing department to discuss payment and payment plan options. All OB FEES will be due in full by your second pregnancy appointment.

What would happen if I move or transfer to another obstetrician during my pregnancy?

You will only be charged for the individual office visits and co-pays for each visit that you have incurred up until your date of transfer.


Additional Helpful Information

  • Our Billing office will contact your insurance company (as a courtesy) and obtain an estimate of your maternity coverage. This is not a guarantee of benefits and YOU are ultimately responsible to know YOUR OB benefits and insurance requirements.
  • Be sure to let us know if you change your insurance coverage at any point in the pregnancy!
  • SELF-PAY OB patients need to contact our billing office before your second prenatal visit to make payment arrangements.

Please call the RWG billing office at 279-6746 for additional questions. We are available to help you: Monday-Friday 8:00-12:00 & 1:00-4:30