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Intercourse After Birth

Intimacy, intercourse and birth control are important topics to discuss with your partner.

Some women feel desire sooner than others and the average time frame is 6-8 weeks after delivery.  If you are breast feeding, you may experience vaginal dryness that can be relieved by using a water based lubricant.

Be patient with each other.

It is important to choose your method of birth control before you need it.  Breast feeding is not a good method of birth control. If you breast or bottle feed you have many choices to choose from.  Birth control pills, IUD, diaphragm, condoms, and Depo Provera injections are available for breast feeding moms.  If you are bottle feeding, you have these same choices as well as the patch or the ring.  If you are certain you do not desire to have any more children, you may choose permanent sterilization-either vasectomy or bilateral tubal ligation.  Discuss these issues with your healthcare provider.