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Exercise and Travel After Birth 

Activity needs to be modified when you go home from the hospital.

You should have additional help and support from your partner, family or friends.

  • You may drive yourself in 1-2 weeks, depending on narcotic pain use.
  • You may shower anytime and bathe in one week.

Walking for exercise is ok immediately and will be encouraged in the hospital. 

If you have a vaginal delivery you may begin other exercise after 3 weeks, start slowly and work up.  If you have a cesarean section, you should wait 6 weeks or after your postpartum visit.

You may be able to travel in 2 weeks with approval from your pediatrician.  Strenuous activity and heavy lifting may delay your recovery, do not lift anything heavier than 10 pounds.  Avoid standing or sitting in one position for prolonged periods.  You may notice swelling in your feet, hands and legs the first few days you are home; this is a result of IV fluids and changes in your body.  Call the office if you have headache and visual changes associated with swelling.  Take naps during the day and learn to say YES to offers of help.