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Common Questions Answered

Rely on us for sound advice and answers to your common pregnancy questions

Our Austin obgyns have counseled women through hundreds of pregnancies, and have sound advice to help you prepare for and anticipate all of the wonderful changes you will encounter. Our entire clinical care team is always willing to answer your questions. We also know that sometimes you just want a quick answer to something that’s concerning you. We hope this list of commonly asked questions will address some of your concerns.

At your prenatal appointments, we will discuss with you questions about fetal movement, weight gain, brain fog, changes in urination, morning sickness remedies and sexual intimacy during pregnancy. Call us anytime! Whether you have a routine or high-risk pregnancy, we will expertly guide you through pregnancy, labor and delivery and the postpartum period.

As a caveat, we always stress that searching for answers online is not a good idea. Please call our Austin obgyns and the support staff with questions about prenatal care and medical advice.

Common pregnancy questions about personal care

Is it safe to color my hair or get a perm?


What about dental care?

If you need emergency dental care at any time during your pregnancy, you should schedule it. Preventive care, such as cleanings, is also fine. We do not recommend elective procedures such as teeth whitening during your pregnancy. It’s best to wait until after your baby is born.

Your changing body

Is it normal to have full, tender breasts?


In the home

Is it safe for me to paint rooms or furniture during pregnancy?

If at all possible, avoid painting. If you absolutely must paint or stain, please be sure the area is well ventilated.

I’m having an exterminator in my home. What should I do?

Leave the house during the extermination, and ensure that it is well-ventilated afterwards when you return.

Dietary concerns

Should I eliminate from my diet caffeinated drinks and other substances that contain caffeine?

We recommend that you eliminate caffeine during pregnancy if possible; if not, limit your intake to less than 200 mg/day. Some substances you may not expect contain caffeine. Here are some averages, but check individual products.

  • 8 oz. brewed coffee:120-180 mg
  • Starbucks coffee: 100-200 mg
  • 8 oz. brewed tea: 20-90 mg
  • 8 oz. cola (caffeinated soft drinks): 10-50 mg
  • Chocolate: 10 mg

Travel questions

What are your recommendations for travel during pregnancy?

Travel during the first and second trimester is fine for most pregnancies. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, talk to our Austin obgyns. If you have to travel during the third trimester, you should consult your physician prior to doing so.

What are the risks?

Three of the greatest risks associated with travel during pregnancy are car accidents, kidney infections and blood clots in the legs.

Do you have any travel tips during pregnancy?

  • ALWAYS wear your seat belt.
  • Drink plenty of fluids while traveling – enough liquid to ensure that you need to urinate approximately every two hours. This helps prevent bladder and kidney infections. Be certain to drink enough liquids while flying.
  • Blood clots in the legs are especially dangerous, and you are most prone to them during pregnancy. While traveling, move your feet and legs frequently. Try to move around and walk every one to two hours, especially on long flights.
  • Ask our Austin obgyns about the benefits of wearing support or “TED” hose during long trips.

Our Austin obgyns address many pregnancy concerns on our website and in our blogs. As always, if you have a question, please ask your doctor or staff. Contact us for an appointment.