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Newborn Care

Advice from Miranda McMillin MD about newborn care

Advice from Miranda McMillin MD about newborn careMiranda McMillin MD, a Cedar Park obgyn who provides care for routine and high-risk pregnancies, knows that many mothers-to-be are anxious about newborn care. To help, she offers advice and support to new moms.

Newborn care begins in the hospital

After giving birth, new mothers receive helpful advice from their nurses and hospital staff about newborn care. Here is what a new mother should understand before taking her baby home.

  • How to hold the baby and properly support the baby’s neck
  • How to bathe, change and dress the baby
  • How to care for the baby’s umbilical cord
  • How to care for the baby’s circumcision
  • How to swaddle the baby

At the hospital, mothers also receive supplies before going home, including items to care for the umbilical cord and circumcision, when appropriate.

Three important tips for taking care of a baby at home

Mothers can take a class on baby care basics to learn the many aspects of newborn care. As a quick summary, here are three safety tips for new parents.

  1. Always observe safe sleep practices. The baby should be put down on the back or the tummy on a firm mattress. Do not place any loose bedding, pillows or toys in the crib with the baby.
  2. Babies should never be exposed to secondhand smoke.
  3. Parents should find a pediatrician before the baby is born or as soon as possible after giving birth. It is important to know when to call a physician. If parents notice any of these signs, they should call a medical professional immediately.
    • Irregular or fast breathing
    • Fever
    • Signs of dehydration, including if the baby has not had at least three to four wet diapers in 24 hours
    • Jaundice that has not improved five days after the baby is born

Mothers also need to take care of themselves

New mothers need to remember that taking care of themselves is part of newborn care. Before moms leave the hospital, our Cedar Park obgyn and the hospital staff will give them postpartum care instructions.

Our Cedar Park obgyns, including Dr. McMillin, provide compassionate, personalized care from preconception to postpartum. Contact us for an appointment.

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