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The Best Time for Sharing Pregnancy News

The basics of sharing pregnancy news

Smiling young woman with pregnancy test indoorsWhen you see a positive pregnancy test, your mind begins to think about sharing pregnancy news. Our Austin obgyns know that some people are so excited that they want to tell everybody right away, but this can have a downside.

According to Melanie Collins MD, “20-30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. If you tell everybody and you do have a miscarriage, you may have people coming up to you to congratulate you on your pregnancy and then you have to explain that you lost the pregnancy, which can be very painful.”

To avoid this situation, Dr. Collins and our other Austin obgyns have some recommendations about when to share pregnancy news.

Sharing pregnancy news: When to do it

A lot can happen from the time you see a positive pregnancy test to the first 10 to 12 weeks of pregnancy. As a result, our Austin obgyns sometimes suggest holding off on sharing pregnancy news until after the first trimester. “Once you get to 10 to 12 weeks and you hear a heartbeat in the office, the chances of having a miscarriage go way down,” Dr. Collins says.

However, sharing pregnancy news early may make sense in certain situations. If you share the news with family and good friends and sometimes does go wrong with the pregnancy, they can be there to support you. Additionally, you might want to tell your boss earlier in the pregnancy if you’re missing work due to morning sickness. In this case, you can just share the news with your boss or supervisor.

A case-by-case basis

Sharing pregnancy news will vary from person to person. According to Dr. Collins, “I would definitely say a woman’s pregnancy history and what she has gone through in the past will dictate when she feels comfortable sharing her pregnancy news. Anyone who has had several miscarriages in the past will be reluctant to share their pregnancy news early. The same is true if the woman has a higher risk of miscarriage due to her age or medical conditions.”

You should never feel pressured to share your pregnancy news before you’re ready. It’s a personal decision that is entirely up to you.

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