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3D Mammography

3D mammography provides state-of-the-art breast cancer detection

Our Austin obgyns are happy to offer 3D mammography, another tool in the fight against breast cancer. 3D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, provides the radiologist with multiple, detailed views of breast tissue.

What to expect with 3D mammography

Our mammography technicians perform 3D mammography in conjunction with traditional 2D mammograms. A woman’s experience with a 3D scan doesn’t differ very much from a traditional 2D scan because it takes place using the same machine. In fact, it only takes about one extra minute per breast to take 3D images. An x-ray arm on the mammography machine moves in an arc to obtain the necessary images. The images are then combined with software to create a detailed, three-dimensional picture for the radiologist to read.

3D images are a beneficial addition to traditional 2D exams

3D mammography offers several benefits for breast cancer detection.

  • 3D technology provides the physician with clearer, more accurate views of breast tissue. This technology provides multiple images and angles of the different layers of breast tissue, as compared to the flat images that 2D technology provides.
  • The clarity that 3D images provide helps detect smaller cancers in areas that may be difficult or impossible to see with traditional 2D mammography, helping our Austin obgyns detect cancer in earlier stages.
  • 3D mammography also helps reduce the number of patient call backs for additional images or tests.

Proven benefits for women with dense breasts

According to a study presented at the 100th meeting of the Radiologic Society of North America, definitive evidence proves that 3D mammography detects cancer better than 2D mammography in women with dense breasts.

Dense breasts have more non-fatty, glandular or fibrous tissue. This type of tissue makes it more difficult to detect breast cancer with flat, 2D images. Multiple images taken during a 3D exam give physicians more opportunities to find cancer in thicker tissue.

Our Austin obgyns offer patients leading-edge diagnostic technology

Our Austin obgyns take a proactive approach to breast cancer detection and prevention. From screening mammograms to 3D mammography, our physicians and staff work hard to diagnose and treat women’s issues so women can enjoy their best health.

Patients who want to learn more about the benefits of 3D mammograms should contact our Austin obgyns to ask questions or schedule an appointment.