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Angelina Jolie Decision Puts Womens Health Center Stage

With the recent news of Angelina Jolie’s decision to undergo a premenopausal salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of the fallopian tubes and ovaries) in order to increase the odds in her favor of not getting cancer, women faced with the same circumstances are being given a voice they didn’t have previously.

CapturerwgcFor Trish Trujillo, the decision to have a premenopausal salpingo-oophorectomy didn’t come easy. Her circumstances were very similar to Angelina Jolie’s in that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and had been given 1-3 years to live. In response to the diagnosis, her mother made the decision to change her lifestyle drastically and as a result lived for seven years. “I always thought I would have a mastectomy if I were ever diagnosed with breast cancer,” but the day Trish was diagnosed she realized that was not the path for her. “I completely disconnected for 3 weeks and went to the Optimal Health Institute in order to research and study the disease. I spoke with countless doctors in a multitude of cancer-related specialties and when I would ask them whether or not a bilateral mastectomy would keep the cancer from showing up again, not one of them could guarantee that – they all said if it did show up again it would be in another organ or come back as bone or lung cancer.” Trish opted for a lumpectomy and premenopausal salpingo-oophorectomy and a drastic lifestyle change as a result of  her positive BRCA test. “Angelina Jolie has children, I don’t” she explains ‘If I had children I might have made a different choice.” The bottom line Trish says is that women need to be their own advocates. “I can’t stress this enough” she says. “I was faced with some very strong opinions from doctors and family as a result of the positive BRCA test, but thankfully I believe that knowledge is power and as a result have been cancer free for the last three years as of this coming May.”

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