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Four tips for healthy living from Miranda McMillin, M.D.

Four tips for healthy living from Miranda McMillin, M.D.Miranda McMillin, M.D., the newest physician to join our practice, would like to talk to women about healthy living. Dr. McMillin, along with all of our Austin obgyns, cares about women’s overall health and wellbeing, as well as their reproductive health.

Four tips for healthy living

  1. Healthy living starts with a well-balanced diet

    Women should eat a diet that is filled with fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy sources of calcium and vitamin D. It’s also important to pay attention to sugar and fiber intake. “A lot of people today eat too much sugar in their diet and not enough fiber,” Dr. McMillin says. A high-fiber diet helps reduce the risk of heart disease, lowers cholesterol and improves digestive health.

  2. Physical activity and exercise are important for women of all ages

    Women should aim for a healthy BMI, or body mass index, between 18.5 and 24.9 as part of a healthy living plan. Physical activity helps women achieve and maintain a normal weight. Dr. McMillin recommends that women “try to exercise at least five times a week for at least 30 minutes a day.” In addition to aerobic exercise, women should also incorporate strength training and stretching.

  3. Mental health issues such as depression need to be addressed

    During a woman’s annual wellness examination, Dr. McMillin and our Austin obgyns include a mental health screening. Mental issues such as depression and anxiety have to be addressed, or they can lead to serious health problems and quality of life issues.

  4. An annual wellness examination is an important part of women’s health

    Some women are confused about the need for an annual wellness examination if they no longer need an annual pap smear. Dr. McMillin emphasizes that this visit is a crucial part of healthy living. She says, “One of the main reasons for an annual wellness appointment is that it’s your time to speak with your doctor about things that you think need to be addressed such as birth control options, sexual health and menopause. It’s a good opportunity for patient education.”

Women should contact us for an appointment with Dr. McMillin and our Austin obgyns to get started with a healthy living plan.

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