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Comparative Mammography

Comparative mammography helps detect breast changes from year to year

Comparative mammography helps detect breast changes from year to yearOur Austin obgyns partner with Austin Breast Imaging to ensure that our patients’ mammograms are read by dedicated breast imaging specialist Erin Winston MD and the board certified radiologists at Austin Breast Imaging who are 100% dedicated to breast cancer screening and diagnosis. The radiologists at Austin Breast Imaging are experts in 3D mammography and even conducted some of the initial research for its FDA approval in 2011.

Comparative mammography involves comparing old and new images

After patients come for their mammograms in the office, we send their images to Dr. Winston for interpretation, which includes a comparison to previous films. Comparison of current mammograms to old ones is essential for the detection of early breast cancer because it can detect subtle mammographic changes, which are changes that are too small to feel. And now with 3D mammography, we are able to catch breast problems that are even smaller.

Another important tool is experience. Dr. Winston and her team are experts in mammography, which makes Austin Breast Imaging uniquely qualified to read our patients’ mammograms.

Our patients can rest assured that their mammography is in good hands

Patients who have their mammograms in our office benefit from the care and compassion of our mammography technicians. Patients can feel confident that their mammograms are being read and evaluated by experienced breast experts like Dr. Winston, who completed a dedicated breast imaging fellowship at the renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Dr. Winston and our Austin obgyns are dedicated to fighting breast cancer

Our Austin obgyns, our office team, Dr. Winston and our partners at Austin Breast Imaging are dedicated to helping women detect breast cancer in its early stages when it is most treatable. From in-office screening mammograms to expert radiologists who employ comparative mammography, we strive to provide women with the highest quality care.

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