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3 Myths about Robotic Surgery

Our Austin obgyns dispel common myths about robotic surgery

3 Myths about Robotic SurgeryWhen people think of robots, they often think of science fiction. However, robotic surgery is a reality. Robotic surgery is a form of surgery that uses robotic technology to help our Austin obgyns perform surgery with accuracy and extreme precision.

3 myths about robotic surgery

Our Austin obgyns are trained in advanced surgical techniques, including state-of-the-art robotic surgery. Since many of our patients benefit from this technology, we would like to dispel three common myths about robotic surgery.

  • The robot is in charge during surgery.

    By itself, the robot is a useless piece of equipment. It cannot operate without our Austin obgyns. Our obgyns are in control of every aspect of the procedure at all times. The surgeons control the robotic arms and surgical instruments from a console that provides them with an incredibly detailed view of the surgical field. The robotic arms enable the surgeon to maneuver the surgical instruments with enhanced precision and dexterity.

  • The surgeon’s level of skill doesn’t matter.

    As with any surgery, the skill and expertise of the surgeon are crucial. The robotic instruments do not have a mind of their own. They are totally dependent upon the surgeon’s skills.

  • Robotic surgery is the right choice for every patient.

    Our Austin obgyns always recommend the proper surgical technique for each patient. Sometimes, it may be minimally invasive surgical techniques that do not employ robotic technology, or, more rarely, open surgery. Patients can rest assured that our Austin obgyns always choose treatment based on whatever is most appropriate for the patient.

Our Austin obgyns hope to eliminate myths about robotic surgery so that patients can make the best choices for their health. Contact us to make an appointment.

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